Before I can massage your dog, your vet must have signed a consent form.
Consent forms may be printed from this website or I can send one to you by post.

At our first meeting I will record your dog’s medical history, along with information about its activities, diet and any issues you may have concerns about.
With the paperwork out of the way, I will carry out an initial assessment. I watch how your dog sits, stands and walks and I will run my hands all over your dog’s body assessing the texture of its muscles and noting any areas of restricted joint movement or muscle spasm. This initial hand contact allows your dog to get used to my touch and gives me feedback on how well he or she accepts me. A very important factor when you think of all those teeth!
The assessment stage sets the scene for the type of massage I will give. However as I massage your dog, additional areas of tension may be found. By using different hand and finger movements my aim is to release these and relieve your dog of any discomfort and restricted movement which it may have been suffering from.
The majority of massage sessions last an hour. Most dogs love massage and relax really well, but some dogs take a little longer to feel comfortable about being touched in this way. Understandably the body is more likely to release its tension if it is not trying to defend itself because of fear, so I always work within the emotional comfort zone of your dog. If a dog seems anxious about the process I prefer to give several shorter massage sessions to build its confidence, rather than trying to complete a full body massage with the dog restrained. I think it is important that the dog trusts me and my touch and enjoys its massage treatment.
As your dog’s carer you will be expected to be present throughout the treatment to give your dog confidence. An occasional treat during the process often helps too!
When the treatment is completed I will show you a record of what I have found and what I have done and will provide you with any appropriate aftercare advice.