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Below is a selection of current and previous work.

[2009] Chromeo – DJ-KiCKS / !K7 Records

Design and programming for viral marketing tool for Chromeo’s DJ-Kicks album campaign.

[2013] Ableton MIDI Clip Looper
Custom MaxForLive patch to allow Live Looping using Midi Clips. Allows looping without metronome.

[2006] HipHop Horse – the freshest four legger, music & video
Followed up in 2008 with an equally equestrian TV ad from Yellow Pages.

[Nov 2013] Pussynth
Cat miaow vocal synthesis using feline formant frequencies (analysed with SFS and Praat).
No samples, just synthesis.

[2011] Alesis Micron – Old synth new tricks, performance tips video

[2010 - 2011] Monthly residency performing comedy bi-lingual musical sketches.

[2008-2010] Radio Edits
Radio Edits for various artists Roisin Murphy, Bomb The Bass, Tosca, Mulatu Astatke, The Antlers, Juan MacLean.

[2008] Her Name is Dora Matthews
Sound design for theatre piece