Personal tutoring sessions regarding Music Technology, Audio, MIDI, Ableton, Max/MSP are available in Berlin in English and German.

Custom Radio Edits and audio programming are available upon request, please use the below form to send me an email.

Email: j sharp 7 at g mail dot com
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  1. Jonathan Van Landeghem

    Thanks a BUNCH for Move clip grid! Since buying a Launchpad Pro I’ve been looking for an easy way to arrange my different song scenes in a way that I could just press a button on my Alesis VI61 to start a multi-out backing track for my band and have to Launchpad follow so it would focus on the scenes I’m working with for that song.

    I keep my laptop off-stage because I don’t want to be looking at a screen the whole time, and Move clip grid helps me do that without having to play the exact same songs in the exact same order at every show. Should be a feature built in to Live itself, but hey…
    Hope you keep updating in the future!


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