Small Tools – Octave Wrap, iBend and blank knobs

Three M4L devices to help in performance situations.
Octave wrap for drums, generate pitchbend/mod wheel, de-activate knobs/buttons.


Octave Wrap
Max for Live device for Ableton Live to wrap a full size midi keyboard to only one or two octaves.

This is useful when using a single keyboard to control a synth/sampler and also drums in a live performance.

When playing a synth/sampler part I usually transpose the keyboard an octave. However, when I jump back to play a drum part, it can be difficult to find the correct octave where the drum kit is. This is a particular issue when playing live with rapid transitions in song structure – you just want to know that when you hit a C it’s going to play a kick drum, no matter the octave.


Max for Live device to generate pitchbend/mod wheel messages from any control.


Dead wood – blank knobs & buttons

M4L device with 8 blank knobs and 8 blank buttons, useful to quickly de-activate a control (just midi-map to a blank knob/button).