Flight Simulators

DSC02492Feel the power as you surge down the runway at the controls of a commercial jetliner.  We offer a range of static and full motion flight simulators. Some are used by major world airlines for commercial pilot training, and others are of aviation heritage interest such as Concorde and the Spitfire. You can have the experience on your own or share it with family and friends who can either watch or take a turn.

Flight simulators we offer are:

Nursling_A320 full cockpit runway visuals_Oct12

Airbus A320

Boeing 777-200  Boeing 747 – 400  Boeing 767-300ER  Boeing 757-200

Boeing 737-400  Boeing 737-800 NG

Airbus A320

Spitfire     English Electric Lightning     Chipmunk

Cessna 172

Flight Safety Awareness Course


This is a fun 4 hour course run in the cabin crew training facility of British Airways.  The course takes place mainly in a full motion Boeing 737 cabin simulator. You will be led by crew trainers and take part in practice drills that react to incidents that could occur on-board. As well as good fun, you will gain an awareness of flight crew training, and be more aware of flight safety. Great for team-building courses.

For prices and to book for Flight Simulator Experience please use our contact page to tell us the size of your group and when you would like it, and we will email you back with an exact quote and availability.