Wheels and Wings

We offer three exhilarating days out by teaming up amazing experiences on the track and in the air – twice the fun!

Experience 1


After a brief visit to the Mercedes Benz museum spend half the day roaring around the Mercedes Benz track in high performance Mercedes Benz sports cars under the guidance of a top instructor.


TDSC02403hen spend the second half of the day with Concorde – the only civil commercial supersonic airliner. On board you will view the exhibition highlighting Concorde’s development, take the Concorde Flight Experience, and visit the Concorde flight deck. You will then move onto the Concorde flight simulator where all Concorde flight crews trained. You will spend an hour in the flight deck with 15 mins at the controls under the supervision of a Concorde captain.

Prices from £850.00 per person. Please email us using the contact page with your group details and we will confirm the exact price.

Experience 2

Screen Shot 2013-06-30 at 08.10.07 You will spend 2 hours learning to control front and rear wheel skids under instruction from a top instructor.

Then later on you will put on your flying suit and fly an aerobatic sortie in an Extra 300 with  en ex-military flying instructor.Extra 300



Prices from £995.00 per person. Please email us using the contact page with your group details and we will confirm the exact price.

Experience 3

This will really push the envelope for adrenaline junkies! Spend half the day indoor skydiving in the vertical wind tunnel formerly used by the Ministry of Defence for aircraft development and testing.  It is the largest of it’s type in the country and used extensively by professional sky diving teams. You will also bodysurf in an indoor wave rider!

Bodyflight_Fly_with_a_friend         John Warren - VST 1955 20cm

In the other half of the day you will roar around the track and drive off road in a variety of vehicles, under the instruction of a race driving instructor at the nearby Bedford Autodrome. Please note you need to be 21yrs or above for this experience.

From £750.00 per person.

There is an option to fly to this experience £POA

To book your Wheels & Wings Experience please use our contact page to tell us the size of your group and when you would like it, and we will email you back with an exact quote and availability.