Why do you not show detailed prices?

We offer a bespoke personal service with many choices of places to visit, experiences, and methods of travel. This together with the size of your group and where you are leaving from, together with availability from our suppliers, will form the cost of your tour or trip.  Simply email us your details using the contact us page with what you would like to see and do, and when you want to do it, and we will get back to you with an exact price.

I do not speak much English

No problem! We can arrange translators for you (an additional cost will apply for this service).

I have special dietary requirements.

Although food is not included in your tour price we will do our best to make arrangements for you and cater for your needs.

Can you collect us from the airport?

Yes no problem!  In addition to tours we can quote to collect you from an airport, Eurostar, and Southampton or Dover Cruise Terminal.

I have mobility issues – will I still be able to take part?

We would like everyone to share in our tours and experiences.  Most museums and monuments are accessible to all, however some flight decks, cockpits and aircraft experiences are cramped or require some mobility to access. Similarly some experiences such as aerobatics may not be suitable if you are pregnant, have a heart condition or suffer from dizziness and nausea.  You will be required to sign a disclaimer before any tour/experience. If in doubt please consult your healthcare provider.  Please use the contact form to tell us about you and what you want to do and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Are there any age/size restrictions?

Yes to some experiences – for example in a Full Motion flight simulator you need to wear a seat harness, so there is a minimum height restriction.  Similarly some vintage/aerobatic flight experiences have maximum weight restrictions.  We can provide full details on booking.

Are you insured?

All our partner providers have their own liability insurance. You are advised that some of your personal travel/life policies will not cover you for the tour/experience you are undertaking. You are advised to check this prior to your tour/experience and take out appropriate insurance if required. Please see our terms for full details.

What is your policy on Cookies?

Please see our page on Cookies & Privacy

What are your terms of booking?

All our terms and conditions are found in our terms and conditions page.  When you book you are entering into a legal contract which protects you and us.  We have tried to write the terms in easy to understand, plain English but if there is anything you do not understand or want clarifying then please contact us.